Professional loan for construction worker

Getting a loan when you are a craftsman is not always easy, fortunately, it is possible to request an online comparator in order to quickly obtain financing at the best rate.

The professional loan is financing which will allow being amortized over several years within the framework of professional activity, its use can be diverse and varied. A craftsman who needs to buy a new utility vehicle or simply a machine tool allowing him to carry out his activity will find in professional credit the possibility of obtaining funds quickly. Some will also turn to the pro loan for an urgent need for cash. This is not the only opportunity that can arise for the craftsman in the construction industry, the latter can also use professional credit to buy premises or invest in stone.


Obtain a professional credit

professional credit

The use of credit will require clarification on his project but also on the situation of the craft activity. Professional credit can be requested by an artisan wishing to create an activity as well as in the context of a business takeover. It is also possible to turn to this financing when the craft activity simply wishes to invest to perpetuate the activity. Each company has a specific situation and therefore requires a personalized financing solution.


Guarantees in professional financing

Guarantees in professional financing

Obtaining a professional loan for a construction worker will involve providing some details on his situation. For a company already in place with a few years of experience, it will simply be necessary to provide the last 2 balance sheets of the company. The bank will essentially use the gross operating surplus (EBITDA) to analyze the situation of the company and its capacity to be able to absorb a financial debt. For creation or a resumption of craft activity in the BTP, it will be necessary to bring other elements such as for example a business plan. Each credit institution imposes its own criteria for professional financing.

Beyond the formalities to be completed in the context of a professional loan, the craftsman will have to provide guarantees on the repayment of the debt. As part of a creation or resumption of activity, this can result in the addition of a personal contribution. When the activity is already in place, the craftsman can play on the personal or professional deposit. In the personal deposit, the craftsman will simply pledge some of his personal property. In the professional surety, it is a surety company which acts as guarantor in the name of the company, in the event of default of payment it immediately reimburses the bank then turns to the craftsman to recover the funds.


Construction craftsman: get a quote for a professional loan

Construction craftsman: get a quote for a professional loan

It is difficult to plan for obtaining a professional loan as part of a craftsman activity in the construction industry, however, it is possible to obtain a free estimate of the current loan conditions. The professional credit comparator allows you to apply to one or more banks in order to obtain its financing. With an online estimate and comparison, the craftsman is able to obtain several financing offers and choose the best proposal.


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